"Gyrotorious" - As you enter the gym past the main desk, this piece is on the side wall of the cafĂ© area.  Made up of six bike wheels that have been cut apart and rejoined in addition to gears of various shapes and sizes.  It evokes a sense of sweeping motion and fluidity, while the gears give it a gritty, industrial feel.

We were thrilled when a local architecture firm approached us about creating custom artwork for the new American Family Fitness Gym.  The gym has a unique and exciting industrial feel, featuring large gears painted on the walls as well as inlaid into counters and benches.  We were thrilled to be part of such a large scale project, and think the results are spectacular.  Opening at Virginia Center Commons in January 2014, we hope that everyone will get a chance to stop by and see what we have created.


After several months of design and fabrication we are extremely proud to showcase our works below.

"The Chase" - For the interior of the cycling room we envisioned a series of seven stylized rider figures.  Thinking back to experiences in bike races, they are split into groups and mounted at different levels, as if they are all chasing down the leader.  With simple curves they feel light yet give a great feel of motion around the room.

Commercial Works

Second Gear Design

"Cyclism" - Seven wheels of various sizes and over one hundred cassette cogs and chain rings combine to make this giant wall piece.  Over eight feet tall and six feet wide this piece dominates one of the main hallways through the gym.

Moving forward by reclaiming the past.